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Guana cespool

Post by Smoke2joints » Sat Dec 28, 2019 12:00 pm

Sad to say cause its my fav spot, but i dont feel safe eating the fish out of guana anymore. Ive always wondered how gross all that water is that flows in there from the canal at mickers weir, cause rhat canal flows all the way from jax beach right thru sawgrass. recent water quality report that shows evidince of human waste and pesticides coming into the lake thru there. Also the "scientists" dump pesticides onto the lake from helocopters. There are high levels of nitrogen and algae as well andbive seen how bad it gets in the summer it wont be long until it ends up looking like misquito lagoon and are freinds down south. Just my thoughts about the lake id like to hear from some of the the "scientists" about there plans for managing the lakes health and fish edibility but untill then im not eating from there anymore

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Re: Guana cespool

Post by dogyak » Fri Jan 03, 2020 2:12 pm

To address some of your concerns . The biologist that works at Gauna was asked about this . He said , all public waterways and areas . When it storms , will have some sewage overflow . There is no pesticides dropping in Guana currently . The biggest problem you do have with the WMA , is development . The north overflow house is broken . That is your biggest threat to Guana , is development . Eating fish is OK .

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