What gives with Realtors in Jax area?

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What gives with Realtors in Jax area?

Post by captkenroy » Mon Oct 21, 2019 10:24 pm

My son is in Afghanistan but is returning soon. He will be stationed at Camp Blanding. My daughter in law and I went to the Greencove Springs area to look at a home in the Royal Pointe subdivision. This is a 3 hour (each way) drive for us. When we got there, we quickly found out that something was wrong. The home was sold by another realtor that morning at a price that was 6,000 less than the asking price. We weren't told the buyer's price and put in a full asking price bid. The realtor that we had was terribly upset by the other's acceptance of the lower bid. The home had been on the market less than a week. Wouldn't it seem like that the seller got screwed by his realtor? I hope the original home owner finds out about losing $6,000.

Heather has made 4 trips across the state to bid on homes. She wants a home in reasonable driving distance to Blanding with room enough to have a workshop and boat in the back yard. The home that we looked at was perfect and probably not a bad deal at all for $260,000.

I don't know if the other realtor was unethical but it sure seems so. WE are satisfied with the realtor we have.
Capt. Ken

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