10/12.19 Intracoastal Rising Tide 24" Redfish on Top Water

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10/12.19 Intracoastal Rising Tide 24" Redfish on Top Water

Post by jmdesignz2 » Sat Oct 12, 2019 6:16 pm

10/12.19 Intracoastal Rising Tide

Started out partly cloudy around 6:45am hit the water. Wind was calm to low around 5mph.

Used small white skitter walk with replaced treble hooks. Eagle claw red finish.

Got some swirls on the top water but no hookups. Daylight hit and switched to swim shad black/transparent.

Got a 16" redfish near grassy bank.

Switched back to skitter walk top water and got some more swirls on it. Tide was still rising when I connected near a sheltered grassy bank with a very large redfish that took the skitter walk about 10 ft from the kayak.
About 8am netted a 24" Red!

Stayed with skitter walk for a few more hours and caught a 14.5" trout and a few more rat reds.

Tide topped out and still used skitter walk as the tide turned. Got a few more swirls and then caught a small jack in a small cove area.

Checked some more grass lines and worked some intersections without success.

Tide starting to really run out now around 1pm. Started bumping the bottom casting up tide hoping for a flounder.
Caught two rat reds in a row in a main outflow.

Headed back around 2:45pm

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Re: 10/12.19 Intracoastal Rising Tide 24" Redfish on Top Water

Post by JohnYaksJax » Sun Oct 13, 2019 12:00 pm

Thanks for the clear and well-written fishing report, and CONGRATS on your catches.
You are convincing me to get back on the water soon!!

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