10-5-19 Intracoastal

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10-5-19 Intracoastal

Post by jmdesignz2 » Thu Oct 10, 2019 7:19 pm

Got out right before sunrise. Lots of bait activity.

Tide was outgoing to dead low but was not really very low tide at the bottom around 8:45am
Water was warmish, dark and some muddy spots.

Started out throwing a white spook lure about 5". Got a few swirls but no takers until just after sunrise. Cast at a grassy bank drop off and got an aggressive take a few feet from the bank. Netted a nice chunky 16" red fish and released.

Saw lots of bait being crashed and twice saw large flounder come completely out of the water chasing bait near points. Did not manage to connect with any of them though. Tried a pearl swim shad and a clear/black one. The pearl one usually slays them but not today. I guess they were locked onto the bait fish.
I'll probably switch to a but longer profile swim shad like a z-man.

Switched to a mirrodine medium size in orange, silver, black. No takers but around 2:30 I got a very small sea trout off near a grassy point and released.

Going out to try my luck this Saturday as long as the weather holds, looks like it might be more productive

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