24 in red

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24 in red

Post by SlotEnthusiast » Tue Aug 27, 2019 1:23 pm

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Tried out a new spot after work yesterday with an incoming tide, almost at high tide. Had some luck. I caught a 16 in red, a 24 in red and a jack crevalle. Caught all of them on live shrimp with a popping cork and about 2 ft of leader. I just let them float over some buried oyster beds and caught all three back to back to back. Had quite a few other fish that stole the bait - no clue what they were.

The gf told me not to bring anything home, so sadly I did not get to eat the red. Still a blast though!

Ps. I tried using Tapatalk but I cannot find this forum anywhere, can someone give me some directions on it?
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