BTB Kingfish

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BTB Kingfish

Post by shrimp_slayer » Tue Aug 06, 2019 9:50 am

I went out yesterday morning at 6:30am. It looked like this...

The wind wasn't any greater than 9 mph, but no less that 2. The waves at the start of the day weren't any greater than 2 feet, but an hour into day past the breakers the size of the swells did increase in size to around 4 feet I'm guesstimating. by 11am the seas had calmed back down and the wind was close to dead. When I was off the water around 3pm it was an easy landing.

I trolled frozen finger mullet on a stinger rig with a duster. Reel was a Penn Spinfisher 6500 LL with 400 yards of 30lb test braid. I had tied a yard of 50lb test flouro to the braid (Alberto Knot) and and a black number 4 snap swivel to the end to attach my wire leader. All of the catches made were in a minimum of 50 feet of water no less than 1.5 miles out. There were very few bait pods I came across yesterday. They were around 3.5 to 4 miles out. I did notice one tarpon smashing a pod and I came across a pod of bonito as well.

I caught sharks and brought home my first king. the king dodged my first attempt at gaffing him, but I didn't miss on the second attempt. I pulled him in and dropped him on the deck in front of me (his head away from me for obvious reasons). When my adrenaline slowed down, I cut his gills and bled him on the deck. After bleeding him, I threw him in the ice bag. I re-rigged, and kept on fishing. After I had paddled a ways from where I bled him, I washed off the blood from the deck with a sponge. I noticed then that it looked like my deck had a silver glitter bomb explode on it! The fish scales were everywhere!

I don't own a go-pro and I keep my phone in a dry box when I 'm out there. When I told my girlfriend she insisted I take a pic so here it is.

I am huge on safety so I thought I would say I always wear my PFD which I keep a VHF radio, co-pilot knife, and satelite two-way communicator with SOS function attached. I also have a flag for boaters to see me when I'm on the water.

I have alot of thanks to go to past threads here and other online resources (Youtube, etc.) as well as Kayak Angler Magazine plus the Florida Sportsman. I also have to give some credit to my girlfriend who encourages and supports my love for fishing and the outdoors. The fish is cleaned and in the brine now. To those that read and those that reply, tight lines. Keep fishing!
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