I can't stop upgrading!

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Re: I can't stop upgrading!

Post by Fish Hound » Sat Jul 21, 2018 1:05 am

I bought a couple of rod holders. Figured out the best placement for them, so I could reach them and keep the rods out of the way of the kayak trolley I would also be caring.
I did use your standard zip ties to secure them to the crate, but I also used a glue gun on every solid point of contact the rod holders had to the crate. I wasn't pretty, but they were rock solid.

I still wanted to use my tackle box, but decided it took up way too much room inside of the crate. Want to guess what happened? Yep! I had to modify how I was going to carry my tackle, too!
Because, (one of my, really don't need it yet , but know I will, impulse buys,) I had an anchor that I needed to store in that crate too. So now the tackle box sits next to the Walmart crate, that holds all the crap, I can not or will not use, in the corner of my apartment. Dr. Seuss is going to love this story!

I kept taking "the Brick" out every chance I had. Quickly realized I needed a way to park in place, so I could fish.

Now I turned my attention to the anchor.

Fish Hound
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Re: I can't stop upgrading!

Post by Fish Hound » Sun Jul 22, 2018 4:31 pm

Tadpole is right.

If this were a novel about a boy and his dog lost in the wilderness and the dog died, while saving the boy during a wolf pack attack, I would be rich! But it's not.
It is about a grown man, who loves being next to, in, and on top of the water.

I do not own a camera, or a phone! I am a caveman!

But as I typed, I kept trying to convey the excitement I had while trying to overcome each issue that arose while hacking my yak. And the anxiety of wondering if it would even work as intended.
I did not intend to turn this subject into a personal book.

This my last post on this thread without a camera.

"A picture is worth a thousand words."

Be back soon, with pics of all my Mods.

Tight lines and fish on to all of you until then.

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