Trailer build and anchor trolley install

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Trailer build and anchor trolley install

Post by rangerv88 » Sat Jun 09, 2018 1:49 pm

I was recently gifted a small trailer to haul my kayak on, and im in process of restoring it. Plan is to strip the frame to bare metal and then repaint, and maybe add a decking surface if so, or even build a mounting sustem for the kayak. For the metal, what type of paint would be durable and able to sustain salt water and the corrosion that can come with exposure to it? Simple spray cans of Rustoleum?

Also, i picked up an anchor trolley kit, and wanted to know if anyone else has installed one on their rig? If so, how much of a challenge is it? I have a WS ATAK 140 if that helps.

Fish Hound
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Re: Trailer build and anchor trolley install

Post by Fish Hound » Mon Jun 11, 2018 8:06 pm

Not sure about the trailer, (wish I had one).
I'm a noob to this form but have faced the same question about the anchor trolley.
The biggest thing your going to face, is drilling holes into your yak!!! It is counter-intuitive!!
When I finally did it, all I thought about is; "It's at the water line, I'm going to fill with water and sink"! That is far what happened.
Take your time while installing up-grades. I have a Tamerack Walmart special, (insert laugh now).
Here is what I did.
Research, research, research! Before you do anything to your yak! Watch a few you tube videos on the subject. It matters not the yak they are putting to on, all application is the same.
Follow the directions. Have the right tools! SEAL EVERYTHING! (goop, marine seal, whatever works for your yak, really doesn't matter). Hand tighten anything you attach to the yak. (Don't strip it). Let the seal cure!!! Do not use any bolts, nuts or washer, (if used), that will rust!

PM me if you need help.

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Re: Trailer build and anchor trolley install

Post by TaipanDuKayak » Tue Jun 12, 2018 3:15 pm

I'll leave the anchor trolley comments to Fish Hound, as he was spot on.

Regarding trailer, I have had some experience, having inherited one and having to heavily modify it to make it fully functional.

1- Would strongly suggest you NOT loop wires on/near the frame, as they are only going to get wet when launching & further corrode. This would be a prelude to ...

2- Placing any lighting atop PVC "outriggers", up high, out of water. Not only will this save you innumerable light bulb replacements, but will aid you tremendously in guiding you whilst backing up, especially in the dark. Just watched a hapless fellow the other night struggling in front of his girl friend or wife. The humiliation was palpable ... the the 2 guys waiting to launch ... were not amused. I left after his 3rd jackknife & bleats that "I can't see".

3 - Thick walled PVC (I think about 2 ½" size), makes perfect bunks under your gunnels. Get 'em sized, fitted, drilled with galvanized or Stainless hardware.

4- If you want to jury-rig a winch, PM me, I can assist.

5- I've found Boating Discount on Westside (Paul) particularly helpful in trailer design, jury-rigging, and inventive ideas and parts. for some other key parts. Amazon for winches.

6- I only know Rustoleum for their hand-held metal paints; I'd prefer to go to an autobody place and have them do it in a paint booth & bake on a finish, but that's probably cost prohibitive. Otherwise, I'd put so many coats on it wouldn't be funny. And it's still gonna rust in certain places.

7- KEY THING in trailer retrofit, IMO: change out your hubs and put "Bearing Buddies", and grease them after every trip, until it's counterproductive. Otherwise, we'll be passing you on the highway; you may or may not make You Tube's hall of trailer shame.

8- get one spare tire, perhaps even two, and lock 'em up. Trailer tyres aren't equal and are rated differently than car tyres - don't skimp. Think: weight & heat & friction and ... more heat.

I can send you some pix if you want (PM me) ... showing my inventions, mods, etc etc. after ~ 3-months of brilliant noodling & multiple trips to the store and internet.

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Re: Trailer build and anchor trolley install

Post by tadpole » Fri Aug 30, 2019 9:24 am

As for painting the trailer -
If it is galvanized steel, try to preserve as much of the galvanizing as possible. If you are dealing with bare steel, and any steel you exposed if it is galvanized, prime it with some zinc-rich primer. With any spray paint, shake the can a lot and often, and use light coats and more of them.

If it is steel tubing with rust on the inside, just do the best you can, and rinse it all over - even inside the tube if possible, as soon as you can after salt water exposure.

Diligent maintenance is what makes boat trailers last longer.

If it is aluminum you're lucky. The thing to worry about then is all the steel bits that are attached. If you want to prime and paint the aluminum there is a special primer used for outboard motors that is good for aluminum.

As for drilling holes in the kayak - don't worry! There are more of them already than you might think, and a dab of sealer on every fastener should help ease your mind.

Good luck and have fun.

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