Guana Round 2
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Author:  rangerv88 [ Mon Sep 04, 2017 1:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Guana Round 2

Got out to the lake early this morning. Beautiful day to be on the water. Trolled both a MR17 and a Mudminnow under a cork. All I managed to land on the muds were two catfish...

On the other hand, zigzagging the shore/middle of the lake near the ramp I got into a mess of little trout. Nothing I could keep, but they were hitting the MR17 HARD.

I kept getting hits on the Muds. The fish would smack it, then let go...I had a basic setup (to me) of the cork, 2 feet of leader, 1/8 jighead with a mud hooked through the lips.

Saw lots of bait, and fish hitting the bait but still couldnt get anything other then the school of little trout I happened into.

Saw another fisherman at the ramp who had a monster trout...so obviously they are out there, I just have to stay at it.

Is there any structure to the lake? Or is it just a mud bottom?

The weedline on either side of the lake; does it hold reds? I saw what looked like fish chasing bait into the weeds but I couldnt get any hits.

Also, would switching out the jighead for a 3/0 circle hook fare better with the muds? Or even trying to liveline a mud on a circle in the weeds?

Thanks again all. Ill be trying again Saturday morning, weather permitting

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Author:  JohnYaksJax [ Mon Sep 04, 2017 5:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Guana Round 2

Sounds like you are getting the info on fishing Guana Lake and learning a lot!! WTG!!

Sometimes, criss-crossing the lake as you hear North from the dam will help located the schools of trout and reds....and the flounder are fairly stationary.

I now always use a very light weight jighead (1/8 or 1/16 OZ.) under my corks/bobbers when I fish them....realized that if you are paddling/peddling or moving fairly fast with the current or winds, your mudminnow under the bobber is NOT near the bottom....it is on the surface or just below since you need a little weight to keep the bait in a vertical position.
Remember the "Three Levels of Kayak Fishing"....surface, sub-surface, and bottom fishing......Good Luck!!

Author:  Dookiepants [ Wed Sep 06, 2017 4:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Guana Round 2

Hi there, we went out early this past Saturday, my son landed his first big by himself, a 19" trout! He was using the cork set up with small live shrimp. He was the only one catching fish. Only diff between his set up and ours was a short 12" leader, I'm shortening mine for next time lol, we were not far from the dam.

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Author:  internetpilot [ Wed Sep 06, 2017 11:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Guana Round 2

The best advice I can give you about Guana Lake is to paddle, paddle, paddle. You really have to make the rounds, because the fish could literally be anywhere. There are certain spots on the lake that CAN hold fish, but few people are going to tell you where those are because they consider them their "go-to" spots, but if you watch the other fishermen out there, you'll see where they are. There's honestly not much point in keeping them secret because they don't always hold fish.

I've caught trout as big as 24" in there and reds as big as 28", and I've done that all over the lake at all times of day (mid-morning, high noon, the heat of the afternoon, etc.). There's really no rhyme or reason and not much definitive strategy you can use other than putting in the time and distance and finding the fish. I've tried a variety of different bait -- dead, live, cut, shrimp, muds, Gulp, a variety of 17MR's, etc. The only thing that my two boys and I have ever caught fish on in that lake are Storm Wildeye Paddletails. I realize that's not everyone, but that's definitely me and more times than not when I fish I fish Guana Lake. I've never caught anything other than trout or reds (well, and two 4' alligators). I did catch a small ladyfish, but it was goofyhooked and I'm pretty sure I just harpooned it during the cast. I cut up the ladyfish and used it for bait and officially caught nothing with it.

When all else fails, trolling the middle of the lake with a paddletail almost always yields something for me. That's actually where I caught my biggest trout. I typically troll for trout, but almost always have to fish for reds.

Keep at it! It's by far my favorite fishing location. Good luck!

Author:  JohnYaksJax [ Wed Sep 06, 2017 3:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Guana Round 2

Just saw I.P.'s Reply and it is a "keeper" post, that really summarizes the many trips I have had at Guana Lake!!

The guys who fish it often, learn the nuances of fishing there....personally, I never mastered them!! :oops:

I.P. offers lots of tips and techniques, so read his post above once or twice again!! He gives a lot of Guana Secrets in that one.....Thanks Chris!!

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