Palm Valley 4/7

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Re: Palm Valley 4/7

Post by shallowrunner123 » Fri Apr 22, 2016 9:35 am

ChippMatt wrote:Nice report Tim! Mullet hatch is one of my favorite times to fish. I think Tim would probably agree when I say that most North Florida Snook should be catch and release. They are delicious, but they are still considered a rare fish to find in our waters these days. They have been making a solid comeback since the bad freeze and their numbers are up during the warmer months. However, they have a four inch slot and a tight harvesting window because of the pressure on the fishery. Large harvesting numbers and harsh winters stunted the population and they are finally coming back around. You will also notice a lot of the snook in our waters are smaller and skinnier, there are only a few breeder sized females being caught and that is further indication of their struggle. I know the urge to keep is always there, but seeing the population grow and become healthier would be much more rewarding in this case.
Got 3 last year and released all of them. I used to catch them in SF and in my opinion flounder and trout are better to eat than snook. I agree we should encourage catch and release especially with all the issues we are having in FL these days ( mosquito lagoon fish kill, reds population decreasing on west coast, zombie grass in SF/keys). We are very lucky here so far but people all around the state feeling impact of well whatever reason for all this changes are. So far sugar industry and restricted water flow from everglades is blamed but Im not going to make a call on this.
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Re: Palm Valley 4/7

Post by MrTopWater » Fri Apr 29, 2016 10:57 am

Very nice snook!

WTG Tim always catching quality fish.

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