Registering a Kayak or Canoe

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Registering a Kayak or Canoe

Post by Vonzipper » Fri Apr 08, 2016 6:36 am

I found this on a Hobie site and thought I would ask if anyone else has registered a kayak in Florida. Lets try to create a good thread on registering a kayak or canoe.

First of before contacting anyone else (ie like DMV, etc) get the hull number from the back of your boat (It is engraved into the hull on the right rear of the hull, it is usually on the sales receipt as well).

Then contact the dealer who originally sold the boat to it's first buyer (if that's you is easier). The Hobie dealer who sold the boat originally is the only one who can give you the manufacturers statement of origin ( called the MSO document). This document was sent by Hobie to the dealer along with the boat, and you need to have that specific document and can only get it from the dealer (Hobie company cannot provide that document for legal reasons). It is also very important to have a copy of the original bill of sale. If you purchased it used from a third part, you need to get a bill of sale from them, basically this sale document proves that sales tax was paid for the boat originally, if you can't produce the receipt Florida charges you full sales tax on the price you paid for the boat.
Once you have the certificate of origin (the dealer knows exactly what it is), and a copy of the sales receipt you are now ready to go to the DMV.
I found this on a Hobie site and wonder if others have followed something similar while registering their kayak in Florida. Please respond and lets get a good thread on Registering a Kayak or Canoe.

First thing they will do is create a title for the boat (about $10 bucks I think, this is a one time charge). Once titled you then get a registration tag, and you attach it to the bow of your boat along with the registration numbers (everything is explained well in the documentation).
Go to this thread to read up more on MSO viewtopic.php?f=18&t=48596
MSO - Manufacturers Statement of Origin

MSO's are supplied to a dealer along with the invoice for a shipment. An MSO is serialized and assigned to the purchasing dealer as the purchase document for a boat from Hobie Cat.

An authorized (licensed by a State) dealer may be able to handle a registration process themselves. If not, an MSO can be assigned to the consumer to take to a local registering bureau.

Hobie Cat can supply duplicates when needed, but only to the dealer WE sold the product to. This is a chain of ownership document and can not be sent direct to a consumer.
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