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 Post subject: Re: Just saying hey
PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2018 7:53 pm 
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Joined: Thu Feb 22, 2018 7:55 pm
Posts: 60
Hi, "JohnYaksJax", appreciate the comeback and especially, your info bullets.

a. Yes, I will admit to becoming a "quasi-expert" on trailers, though inadvertently, having been launched (pun intended) into a real trailer quagmire. I think I have 90% of the kinks out & everything shipshape, but if you read about//come across some bonehead who has just ripped the back of his sedan off or been pulled backwards down a steep ramp in Jax area, that will be me. The thought of making "YouTube Ramp Rejects" myself is discomfiting.

b. Yes, I'm midway betw. Jax and St Aug., so with safety/shakedowns in mind, have gravitated towards Nocatee or Guana Dam for proximity, ease, and a dreaded SOS-bailout option.

In turn:
1. Thx for this one. I visited, but got scared off by the Peak-Period Restaurant traffic (bad timing my part), but also with "Muddy Waters". Already had one close call there w Mud & bottom clearance. You might know this: What's the "Real fishing time" around there, given what I guesstimate is a 2' fin clearance (due gear & girth). 4 hours? That area looked like it'll empty out -- fast.

2. Amelia. Thx for that scoop; I haven't done the drive up there, yet. They (KA) sounded wonderfully friendly & inviting over the phone, but didn't quite mention these very key caveats you just did: rocks & time. I'd want to stay out 'til way past midnight if I'm catching fish. I do have that balloony-tire kit, but it's clear those are really for sandy beaches. Plus I've already tried to lift those things and insert the twin stanchions on dry land as a test (not fun).
Still, I'll have to explore there as Amelia always was gorgeous & chock-a-block full of marshes.

3. Oh, hey, thx for this! I've gone up and down Heckscher 2x, scouting, but kept missing this one. So that's where it is! (I've always gotten lost/confused around the Talbots). "Road trip!" Is the launch site trailerable? I think that's the sticky-wicket for me with these beasts (& I think that's why the original owner sold them). As I had researched/visited another spot "up there' that met all the criteria, the potential trailer area was blocked off. That one in particular has been making me consider getting a separate, portable, hand-winch & putting together a separate "rig" for that place (or muddy waters emergencies). That's still in the "Mind of Minolta".

4. Thx for this tip as well. Was wondering about these: as in if they "Hold" sand or fish slime ! But they look absolutely incredible.

Sure thing; I'll look forward to it, JYJ !

(I take it that you're in a fully-rigged, Blue ____ ? I forgot already).

 Post subject: Re: Just saying hey
PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 3:30 pm 
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Joined: Tue Nov 30, 2004 2:21 pm
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Location: Neptune Beach, FL
Hey T.D.K....Thanks for the comments and your reply and questions.

2...Kayak Amelia....the people who own/run it ARE really good people, but they have strange ideas of what hours that a State Owned Park concession should run. Two launches there...one is great with a pea gravel launch area that you can back your trailer down to. It is virtually impossible to launch or return there at Low Tide!! They DO have a floating dock also, but it would be a haul on your fat tire cart to take it down the ramp and to the water, and the dock floats about 3' above the water level....do NOT think you would like Low Tide there, so go to L.T.Island State Park north of there....

3...LTI St. Park is maybe 3-4 mile drive north.
You will see signs for the Park on your right, so get in the entrance lane, turn in and pay the fee ($3-4) and get the gate lock combination and then go back out to A1A and across it to the campground. Look for a left turn that will take you down to the launch area...hard packed rocks and sand and you can back down there except for very low tides, so take your soft wheeled cart. That is Myrtle Creek and it joins into Simpson Creek North and South and forms an island...check out the FISHING SPOTS above.
You will want to go Left, and right in front of the elevated dock beside the launch is a small island, and there is a narrow but fairly deep channel on the back of that island...take it to the left...guess that is South....which avoids some get out and dragging at low tides.
Fish all the way south until you run into Simpson Creek, and then you can explore it South and North...

4.... The Sea Deck actually "guides" the water and sand toward the scuppers, and is very comfy if you are barefooting on hot plastic...or standing to fish.

5....I am not using "Old Blue" right now since she leaks a little, but after 800 trips and lots of dragging over sand and oysters and Class 1 and 2 rapids in GA, TN, and NC, she is allowed to leak a little...she is a Tarpon 120 from about 2005. I found two other W/S Tarpons up in NC and now they reside in Charlotte and Greensboro, NC...they are on loan.
I got a new 2017 blue & green Tarpon 120, and I also have a Hobie Revolution 115 that I won in a JKF Tourney raffle for a $20 entry fee. She only has 5 or 6 trips on her, and I may replace her with the new Hobie Compass soon....anyone interested???
Take care....Good Luck!!!

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 Post subject: Re: Just saying hey
PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 3:50 pm 
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Joined: Thu Feb 22, 2018 7:55 pm
Posts: 60
Hi, JYJ,
thanks for the updates.

2- thanks for that. Saved me, minimum, a 100-mile scouting trip.
3- great, thx. I'm a "follow the numbers" type of direction, guy; think that's how we're wired, anyway.
4- that's interesting. I'll check it out.
5- lol, "Old Blue"...good one. Yes, she's entitled to a few drips.

I'll keep that Hobie Revolution in mind. At about ⅓ the weight of a PA, she should fly by comparison.
One never knows when one will have guests ("chillens") and need a third kayak, so I'll keep that in mind.

Thx, Best,


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